Lock N’ Load Laundry

Learn how to use this system:

Break Up

High alkaline break that provides deep cleaning on heavy soils. (Item #7200-LL)


Non-built detergent for synthetic and natural fabrics. (Item #7210-LL)


A powerful 12.5% chlorine bleach which destains protein soils. (Item #7220-LL)

LNL Sour Soft


The softening imparts a soft finish while the sour neutralizes the pH. (Item #7240-LL)

LNL Oxy Bleach

Oxy Bleach

Color safe bleach specificaly for permanent press fabrics. (Item #7260-LL)

LNL HD Detergent

HD Detgerent

Combines a laundry builder with a detergent to increse pH. (Item #7215-LL)

Laundry Sanitizer

Quarternary Ammonium based sanitizer. (Item #7270-LL)

Iron Removing Sour/Soft

A mild, neutralizer and softener to counteract alkalinity. (Item #7245-LL)

LNL Softy


Concentrated formula for fabric softening, anti-static, fabric brightening. (Item #7250-LL)

LNL Sour All

Sour All

Neutralizes residual alkalinity, adjusts pH to proper level. (Item #7230-LL)