Dispensing Systems

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About Our Dispensing Systems

The Lock-N-Load Dilution Control Systems have been designed to safely, effectively, and economically dispense chemical cleaning solutions for the professional sanitation, food service, and laundry industries.

Lock-N-Load’s proprietary lock and key system prevents improper dilution of the product as well as eliminates human contact with the concentrated product.

Lock-N-Load cleaning solutions are formulated to be used with the Lock-N-Load Dispensing System. Using the Dispensing System will ensure that the concentrate is diluted correctly for the best results.

“Closed Loop” Technology

Our “Closed Loop” Lock-N-Load cleaning products come with a factory installed dispensing insert in each bottle. The insert connects to the dispensing system and draws chemical from the bottom of the container allowing for complete evacuation of the product with no waste.

No more pulling a tube out of a bottle that is covered in concentrated and sometimes hazardous chemicals and putting it into a new container. The Lock-N-Load systems completely eliminate contact with the concentrated chemicals, prevent spills, and guarantees end use cost by ensuring that the product is properly diluted.


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Lock-N-Load Original

The Original Lock-N-Load dispenser! Designed for safe easy “closed loop” dilution of multiple products for all of your housekeeping and janitorial needs. Capable of filling both secondary bottles, mop buckets and large capacity autoscrubbers and carpet extractors. All products are color and number coded with matching secondary labels. Each gallon of Lock-N-Load concentrate makes 64 gallons of RTU product.


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Lock-N-Load Naturesol

The Lock-N-Load Naturesol System is designed with simplicity in mind. Using only two products you can clean and disinfect your entire facility. With both a “Closed Loop” wall mounted and hand held Jr. system, “Green” cleaning has never been this easy.


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Lock-N-Load Dish

The dishes are done!!! With systems for high and low temperature automatic dish machines and three compartment sinks, the Lock-N-Load Dish system can be customized to work in any kitchen. “Closed Loop” gallons and docking stations conserve space in cramped areas and keep large containers off the floor.


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Lock-N-Load Jr.

The Lock-N-Load Jr. system proves that good things really do come in small packages. With no installation required you can instantly dilute as many products as needed. Quickly and easily switch between products using the quick connection hose to fill secondary bottles, mop buckets, autoscrubbers and extractors. All products are color and number coded with matching secondary labels. Each half-gallon of Lock-N-Load Jr. concentrate makes 32 gallons of RTU product.


LNL Laundry

Lock-N-Load Laundry

The Lock-N-Load Laundry system works with any on premise laundry. “Closed Loop” gallons easily load into docking stations for safe dilution of the products. No more pulling out dip tubes and coming into contact with caustic and corrosive chemicals. With multiple products to choose from your formula options are endless.